Miller Jr./Sr. High School

Miller, South Dakota

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Home District Jr./Sr. High School Elementary School Staff

Miller, South Dakota

Jr./Sr. High School Staff Directory

Principal - Steve Schumacher

Jr./Sr. High Secretary - Robin Sivertsen

Jr./Sr. High Counselor - Courtney Van Zee

Lisa Anson - 7th Reading, English II, Applied English IV, Spanish I, Spanish II

Frank Baca - 7-12 Early Interventionist

Linda DeBoer - 7th English, 8th English, English I, Speech

Stephanie Dietterle - 7th Science, 8th Science, Keyboarding, Computers, Computer Graphics, Web Design

Ryan Engle - Geography, World History, Government

Andrea Fiala - Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geometry, Integrated Math

Alex Fodness - Physical Education, Lifetime Fitness, Weight Lifting

Kathy Harvey - Intro to Art, Art I,  Art - II, Biology, Anatomy

Mark Ketelhut - Agriculture Classes, FFA Advisor

Cleo Kleinsasser - Vocal & Instrumental Music

Brian McDermott - Online Supervision

Collin Otteson - Instrumental & Vocal Music

Marissa Resel - 8th Reading, English III, English IV, AP English

Jill Simpson - 7th Math, 8th Math, Elementary Computers

Janet Wetz - Algebra I, Intro Business, Business Law, College Math, Accounting

Virgil Whetsel - 7th Social Studies, 8th Social Studies, American History

Technology Coordinator - David Sivertsen

Educational Assistants

Kassandra Foreman

Tom McGough

Terrell Newton

Karren Rogers